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Summer Rolls: Nem Nuong (Vietnamese/SGV)

Summer Rolls: Nem Nuong (Vietnamese/SGV)

Summer Rolls Nem Nuong San Gabriel Valley

For lunch today we dined at the newly renamed Summer Rolls for Mother’s day. We had the combo platter, the soup, and the steamed rice cups (they all have pictures on the menu thankfully).

This is a roll your own spring roll specialty shop. Dunk the rice paper wrapper in some warm water, (over)fill with your choice of aromatic herbs, meatballs, and veggies, roll up and chow down. Repeat until full.

Banh beo

The steamed rice cups (Banh Beo) are really tasty and one of the must have when we go. Anna likened the eating of these guys to eating oysters-not in flavor or texture but technique.

Soup was good but probably unnecessary for the three of us. Lots of noodles and a reasonable amount of animal.

Also be prepared to wait a bit, line moved reasonably quickly but we got passed over in a sense. It turns out that non-Vietnamese names may get mangled (mila became mua) if your writing is not perfectly clear. Manager was embarrassed and apologetic, we were slightly entertained by the whole thing.

We will go back. It’s very good, and definitely better than cheesecake factory.

Yelp: 4.0/5.0
Zomato: 3.2/5.0

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