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Dinner Party: Crossing the social streams

Dinner Party: Crossing the social streams

Hosting the Perfect Surrealist Dinner Party - Salvador Dalí

The idea is simple: start by getting a few friends from different circles together, start with a few cocktails, eat some good home cooking, enjoy crossing the streams. Hopefully our dinner party series works as well as we hope. Our first dinner party successfully brought together three different friend groups. The menu was:

Cocktail: Ransom Ellison

2 oz Ransom Gin
1 Lime juiced
1 tsp simple syrup
8-10 +1 fresh mint leaves
3 +1 slices cucumber (we used persian cucumbers)

1) Muddle mint, cucumber and simple syrup in shaker
2) add rest of the ingredients and ice to shaker
3) give it a good shake and strain into cocktail glass
4) garnish with slice of cucumber and mint leaf

Appetizer: roasted prosciutto wrapped figs

The salad was brought by a guest and was full of fresh fruit.

Main: Braised and roasted pork – Recipe was from Food and Wine.
Side: Brussel sprouts braised in cream (and bacon fat).
Wine: Hawkes Cabernet Sauvignon 2010 – we just got this shipment, it needs a while to develop.

Dessert was brownies a la mode with homemade drunken cherries also brought by a guest.

After dinner drinks:
Taylor Fladgate Port
Hawkes Dessert Wine

After dinner game:
Cards Against Humanity.

The next party is this evening. We’re making gumbo as the main, not sure what else will be going with it at this time. Maybe a Sazerac for the cocktail?

Would you be interested in attending a future dinner party? Follow us on instagram, and send us a DM!

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